Congratulations! You completed the Summer Vegan Pledge

Wow! That seemed to fly by!

Congratulations on completing the Summer Vegan Pledge.

I hope that the month was useful and inspired you to continue with your plant-based diet. Either way, I am so glad you joined us. This was the most successful Pledge/challenge that Animal Aid has every run, with a total of 3,766 people signing up!

Over the next few weeks, a feedback survey will be emailed to you. It would be very much
appreciated if you would complete this as it will help us understand how to improve any future Pledges.

All of the blog posts from this month can be found on this website, so feel free to look back through any that you found particularly useful.

And of course, if you need any further help or advice in the future, please just get in touch!

Thank you all so much for signing up and I am very pleased that you decided to try veganism for the month and I enjoyed helping you all.